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Blogger host credentials

As host of this blog I hope to be able to discuss issues relating to the buying, selling, and appraising of tribal art... meaning African, Precolumbian, Oceanic, and American Indian art. I have listed my profile below for your information:

John A. Buxton, ISA CAPP
Professional Profile

Professional Education & Designations:
2008 – Tested and passed AAA course USPAP, Gayle Skluzacek, instructor
2003 – Speaker, “Discovering America’s Hidden Treasures: A Private Evening with
Antiques Roadshow”, National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
2002 – Ellen A. Amirkhan NTISA Distinguished Service Award
2002 – Featured in full page “High Profile” Article, Dallas Morning News (July)
2002 – Speaker, “A Special Evening with John Buxton”, Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art, Lawrence Gussman’s Central African Art Exhibition (June)
2000-2001 - National Board of Directors, International Society of Appraisers
2000 – Speaker, Kimbell Art Museum, African Connoisseurship (November)
2000 - Designated Member of the Year, International Society of Appraisers
2000 - President, North Texas Chapter, International Society of Appraisers
1999-1997 - National Chairman, Electronic Information Services Comm., ISA
1999 - Vice President, North Texas Chapter International Society of Appraisers
1999 - Designated Specialist, Certified Appraiser of Personal Property
1998 - CAPP Re-qualification Course, Los Angeles
1997 - Seminar 97, Dallas, Texas
1997 - ISA Expert Witness Course, Dallas
1993 ‑ Completion of Appraisal Principles Core
Courses of the Certified Appraiser of Personal Property Program (CAPP) of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA). Core Course 101 ‑ Ethical Conduct and Communications and Business Practices; Core Course 102 ‑ Terminology, Identification and Authentication Procedures, Market and Price Research Methodology, Preliminary and Limited Appraisal Report Writing; Core Course 103 ‑ Narrative Report Writing and the Principles of Appraising for Federal Tax Functions, Legal Aspects of Report Writing.
1993 - Designated Member ISA
1993 -The Appraiser as an Expert Witness - Legal Research.

Employment Background and Professional Experience:

2009-1997- Appeared on Chubbs Antique Road Show - PBS Television
2000 - Designated Expert Witness Roadway Express vs. Dr. Martin Trepel
1997 - Designated Expert Witness Roadway Express vs. Dr. Martin Trepel
1996 - Established Buxton, Appraisal, Authentication, and Consulting Services
1996 - Selected for Chubbs Antique Road Show - PBS Television
1974 to present ‑ Appraised, authenticated, evaluated tribal art for private and institutional clients.
1993 ‑ ART TRAK, Inc. online nationally as a computer network for art information
1991 ‑ Founded and incorporated ART TRAK, Inc., an art services computer co.
1991 ‑ Designated Expert Witness for City of Kenner vs. Mince
1990 ‑ Designed computer database, AUCTION TRAK, for the appraisal, research, evaluation, and authentication of Tribal art
1976 ‑ Established Shango Galleries dealing in African, Precolumbian, South Pacific, and American Indian Art.
1974 ‑ Established The Bahraini Chest, an import shop, in Dallas, TX (November)
August 1973 to November 1974 ‑ Traveled extensively throughout Africa, India, Pakistan, Iran, and the Middle East.

Formal Education:

1968 ‑ Graduated Tulane University, Bachelor of Arts
1963 ‑ 1968 ‑ Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana.
1959 ‑ 1963 ‑ Williston Academy, Easthampton, Massachusetts.


v Appraisals ‑ computer searches for comparables
v Expert Witness
v Authentication of African, Precolumbian, Oceanic, and American Indian Art
v Auction bidding for Museums and Collectors
v Art expert/appraiser locator service

John A. Buxton, ISA CAPP
6717 Spring Valley Rd
Dallas, TX 75254
The Tribal Art Information Connection

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