Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some Thoughts for February 2010

This was a busy month with our joint exhibition with Valley House Gallery "Channeling Other Worlds". This was a very successful show that created new opportunities for both galleries as it brought together the non-western animistic cultures and the surrealist artist Valton Tyler. February was also marked with increase appraisal and authentication work. It is my feeling that the economy continues to force people to consider all their economic options.

And in the midst of all this Dallas experienced a 12" snow fall which was clearly a new world record for this area. The tree branches were within three or four feet of the driveway when I decide to fight nature and give the trees a break. The effort was both successful in saving our trees and giving my wife hours of laughter as I launched myself with an aluminum pole at the snow covered branches. Life was good until a few days later when I wrecked my back sawing up some of the wood from broken branches. Life goes on..

We appreciate the feedback you have given us on the Newsletter and the ArtTrak blog. Don't hesitate to give us the good and the bad.. we listen to all of it and we benefit from your input. JB

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