Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Social Media and ArtTrak

In the past few months all those that work here at the gallery were convinced that we didn't have another minute to take on new projects and challenges. Well we were wrong. Many of you may recall a few short months ago when we introduced a new intern named Courtney Brown. Courtney finished the internship and is now on the ArtTrak payroll as a social media expert. You can already see big changes on our Facebook and Twitter sites. Soon we will be addressing another issue that  we face constantly. As a result of our participation on Antiques Roadshow, the Tribal Art Dealers Association, and our 36 years in business we spend a great deal of time answering questions from our clients, friends, and folks just researching on the Internet. We will soon begin answering these questions in HD video segments that will  be posted on Utube and linked off our various sites. If you have thoughts or requests on issues you want us to address, let us know.  JB

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