Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Chirstmas Message - 2010

This has been a very strange year . Whether you are on the left or the right most would agree that these past few months have been  unsettling and rancorous.  Internationally Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, and China have all contributed to an antagonistic and uncertain world. On a personal level losing friends and now recently Peter Marzio are certainly reminders that this spot we occupy is finite at best. This holiday season should remind us all to remember and apply "carpe diem" to how we live our own lives. Who knows where we are going or what we will have to deal with along the way. But we do control how we wage this personal battle of survival and our ability to make this trip more pleasant along the way. Whatever you decide I hope its fun and rewarding and that you do have a great 2011. JB

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