Thursday, December 09, 2010

Pre-Columbian Picture of the Month December 2010

Maya Ceremonial Cup Representing a Screamning Prisoner
Ht. 8 1/2" Mexico/Guatemala
AD 250 - 600
Zollman Collection, Peter Wray Collection

On this post I received this email, which I greatly appreciate. Thank you Justin... JB

Dear Mr. Buxton,
I take issue with your description of the head posted as December, 2010.
It is an interesting piece but is not a “monkey cup” but rather a portrait of a screaming captive or prisoner. In one case, the victim is a ballplayer. You can visit the Precolunbian Portfolio in  and enter the word screaming, aside from the ex-Zollman head you will find other examples.. The sense of torture among the Ancient Maya is not often discussed, but is well attested to in the Bonampak murals.

Enjoy a Happy and Healthy Holiday.
Justin Kerr

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