Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Word Fall 2013

This is the final "serious" issue of the Newsletter for 2013. Next month we have our annual Christmas issue which avoids bad news and unveils our lastest holiday card which the interns have been working on dilligently. And speaking of interns next month we will officially introduce Samantha Mason, a senior business major from the University of Dallas who is also an artist. Our other intern is Valerie Thompson who is a senior at Southern Methodist University and comes from Perth Australia. Valerie aspires to be a photo journalist. Both will be with us until June. We look forward to you meeting them.
There is a lot going on in the art and antique world with auction houses exapnding, new players like amazon coming on the scene, and museums still trying to find their way on repatriation.  I believe 2014 will be the hump that we all need to get over to see better times. All the money people I follow are predicting a correction which considering the present political climate and what's ahead there, this makes sense. I am an optimist and although rocky times are ahead , there are significantly better times ahead once we clear this hurdle.  We will cover the issues and continue to provide our view. I expect we will be talking a lot about Amazon, repatriation, the expanding auction houses, and the Detroit bankruptcy.

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