Monday, December 09, 2013

My Word Christmas 2013

The holiday season and the end of the year is always a time for thanks and reflection. This has been the best year from a business perspective since we opened for business in November of 1974. We now have two interns which you will meet in this Newsletter. It seems strange to even say that this summer we finished shooting season 18 of Antiques Roadshow and have plans to shoot many more. The gallery is also expanding into the auction business, so with all that we do in appraisals and authentications it looks like 2014 will be an exciting year.

The holiday season started this past week with family visits and an ice storm which was the worst in fifteen years  that literally shut down Dallas with over 250,000 homes losing power. We lost power twice and were camping out a bit dealing with temperatures in the low twenties and chill factors under 10. Ice was and still is everywhere. For you northerners that are challenging our collective manhood, try it all with not one sand truck anywhere in sight. These folks here don't do snow and ice. And this is early in our very short winter.

In this final Christmas issue of the Newsletter I have purposely avoided many of the topics we have covered in the blog. Because of  ongoing events we have updates here of both the Detroit bankruptcy
 and the Hopi mask sale in Paris.

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