Monday, May 19, 2014

My Word Spring 2014

It seems implausible that we are now almost hallway through 2014 and in ten days we begin Season 19 of Antiques Roadshow. These six months have been memorable having found a very rare Jefferson peace medal which will now be on view at a museum in the Midwest . We were able to find some other treasures as well that will also appear soon in museums eager to put them on display. In a crazy art world the auctions have still been good to us and some of the clients we represent.  One of our disappointments is having to say goodbye to our two  terrific interns Samantha Mason and Valerie Thompson. Sam will be working for the immediate future in the Dallas areas pursuing a career in management. Valerie is off to the San Francisco Art Institute where she will get a masters in photography.. They both have taught us a great deal. Kim and I are interviewing this summer and look forward to renewing the intern program in the fall with two more candidates. Sam and Valerie will be missed.

The art market continues across all levels except the very high end to be somewhat unpredictable. The potential ban on all ivory continues to be an issue for concern. In the coming months Fish and Wildlife will issue updated regulations that could potentially create more problems for the art and antiques world. We have and will continue to cover this issue as long as necessary. I am concerned about the ability of any government conservative or liberal without opposition to legislate through regulation.. Regardless of our politics I think we need to support candidates that will respect the limits of government and our individual rights. If anyone perceives that to be either  a liberal or conservative agenda, we may be in more trouble than we know.

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