Sunday, May 03, 2015

African, Pre-Columbian, and Indian Spring 2015

 Maya Shell Pendant
Ad 600 - 900
L.  2 1/2"
Carlebach Coll., New York

 Yoruba lidded Divination Bowl
Diameter 22"
c. 1st quarter 20th century
Mort Lipkin Coll.

 Arussi Stone Memorial Figure
South Central Ethiopia
Ht. 65 1/4"
Houston Collection

Benin Shrine Head
19th Century
Ht. 17"
Carlebach Coll, New York

 Maya vase
AD 600 - 800
Ht. 6 3/4"
Foxworth Coll., Dallas

 Sioux Model Cradle
c. 1920
Ht. 7"

Benin Hip Mask
Ht. 6.5"
Late 18th to early 19th century
Ex Harry Franklin Collection, Los Angeles

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