Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Word Summer 2015

This summer has been busy traveling to Tucson, Spokane, Omaha, Cleveland, Little Rock, and now finally Charleston, South Carolina. The journey brought us to camera with everything from a shrunken head to a Mississippian effigy figure proving you never know what will happen on the Roadshow. In Charleston we worked with Emma Mooney a student from Beloit College that was awarded a grant to study the Roadshow. This was a first for Antiques Roadshow. As you will see from the blog she is writing, Emma is a very special young lady with a bright future.

In this issue we have again focused on the ivory ban which truly is at a crossroads with bills in the House and Senate and the environmentalists turning up the heat in the State legislatures. The auction market continues to be insane at the upper end and unpredictable in the middle markets. The major art sellers still recognize that a great deal of money is being left on the table and are trying to find a digital solution that solves this problem. There are some great buys now in small and middle size auctions that don't have  the overhead of the big auction houses.

On August 19th ArtTrak auctions will work with Igavel.com to present a tribal auction that will feature some great bargains from client collections that are downsizing. We will send out another notice of this event.

This already promises to be a very busy Fall with appraisals, auctions, and  client appointments scheduled all over the country. If you have need of any appraisal or authentication work, let us know we may be able to meet with you on one of these trips.

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