Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Repatriation Fall 2015

1. BERLIN African art dots museums across Europe and North America, gracing countries where many Africans would be hard pressed to get a visa. In the Neues museum in Berlin, the bust of Queen Nefertiti is lit and kept at a temperature to mimic conditions in Egypt. Its grace radiantly reflects the meaning of her name: “the beautiful one has come.” For Egypt and Africa, however, the beautiful one left. Nefertiti has been in Germany since 1913, despite the fact Egypt has demanded she be returned home. More Information:

2. NEW YORK A painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Fight Between Carnival and Lent (1559), is at the center of a dispute between Austria and Poland after claims arose that the artwork might be Nazi loot. More Information:

3.POLAND A marble bust of the goddess Diana has been returned to Poland. The 18th-century
sculpture by Jean-Antoine Houdon, which was part of the collection of King Stansilaw August, was taken fr om the Royal Lazienki Palace by the Nazis in 1940. It was listed on Interpol’s database of stolen works of art. More Information:

4. LUANDA.- Fundação Sindika Dokolo has acquired two ancestral female Pwo masks and a rare statue representative of the male figure of the Chokwe people from private European collections .The classical works, which have been identified as looted from Angola during the civil war, will be repatriated to the Dundo Museum in Angola, their original home and where they were last exhibited. More Information:

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