Monday, July 25, 2016

Book Review Spring/Summer 2016

1. NEW YORK Will It Always Be Just Sotheby’s & Christie’s?
May 3, 2016 by Marion Maneker
de Pury, The Auctioneer
NPR has a brief story on Simon de Pury’s new memoir, The Auctioneer. In the story, ArtNews’s Nate Freeman makes a strange comment given the growing number of auction houses growing in the so-called middle market:
It will always be Sotheby’s and Christie’s. They are just so cutthroat against each other that it’s very hard for a third house to break in to that very, very fierce rivalry between the two of them. And I think at a certain point, Simon realized that.

2. Editor's Note: I must I am obsessed with spy books that incorporate both terrorism and assassins. When you can take all this and put in the context of an internationally known art restorer, how can you lose. I like Silva's work. I hope you do as well. The Black Widow
A network of terror. A web of deceit. A deadly game of vengeance. Legendary spy and art restorer Gabriel Allon is poised to become the chief of Israel’s secret intelligence service. But on the eve of his promotion, events conspire to lure him into the field for one final operation. ISIS has detonated a massive bomb in the Marais district of Paris, and a desperate French government wants Gabriel to eliminate the man responsible before he can strike again.
They call him Saladin …
He is a terrorist mastermind whose ambition is as grandiose as his nom de guerre, a man so elusive that even his nationality is not known. Shielded by sophisticated encryption software, his network communicates in total secrecy, leaving the West blind to his planning—and leaving Gabriel no choice but to insert an agent into the most dangerous terrorist group the world has ever known. Natalie
Mizrahi is an extraordinary young doctor as brave as she is beautiful. At Gabriel’s behest, she will pose as an ISIS recruit in waiting, a ticking time bomb, a black widow out for blood.
Her perilous mission will take her from the restive suburbs of Paris to the island of Santorini and the brutal world of the Islamic State’s new caliphate, and eventually to Washington, D.C., where the ruthless Saladin is plotting an apocalyptic night of terror that will alter the course of history. The Black Widow is a riveting thriller of shocking prescience. But it is also a thoughtful journey into the new heart of darkness that will haunt readers long after they have turned the final page.

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