Thursday, September 22, 2016

My Word Fall 2016

On Saturday October 1st the the first group of objects from the Merton D. Simpson estate will be sold at Quinn's Auction Falls Church Virginia. This sale will include the best of an inventory that included over 1500 objects. Contrary to the tribal art world in New York the inventory had not been totally "picked over". Many will be surprised to see a documented Punitive Expedition plaque that could sell into the seven figures. We expect to have over 600 lots which will also feature important private collections from New York and Springfield Missouri. Both Mark Rasmussen and I will be in Falls Church for the preview days prior to the sale. If you have any questions or need help with bidding contact Quinn's at (703) 532-5632 or me on my cell at 214-789-4695.

In this issue we also cover the US government's latest effort to  Safeguard Tribal Objects of Patrimony Act (STOP). Unfortunately, the well meaning people  who are supporting this understand less about the actual situation on the ground than those individuals who will be hurt the most by this legislature. Jim Own very graciously allowed us to reprint his rebuttals for your background information. In addition I greatly respect the Committee for Cultural Policy. and their efforts to carefully analyze and then educate us all on what is happening in the field on STOP and other important issues.

Well into the new year my efforts will be directed toward auctions and their ability to reach buyers in a way that a gallery cannot do in a cost effective way. Note in this issue that Sothebys admitted that only 3.5% of their sales were online. In the coming year there will be a greater scramble for Internet dollars in online sales. A number of new auction companies are trying to find the answer to solving this problem of raising lot value returns to create confidence in both buyers and sellers in this environment. Like social media, online art participation is more now a matter of creating a solid foundation and positioning your company to reap the benefits as the markets change.JB

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