Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Art and Technology Winter 2017

1. HAVANA - CUBE Fest 2017 is a four-day festival featuring one of the largest multichannel audio systems on the planet, the Cube. We invite composers, musicians, and sound artists to submit works for large numbers of loudspeakers, for presentation at CUBE Fest 2017. Installations, fixed media works, audiovisual works, and performances are all welcome. Selected works will be presented in either the Cube, or the Perform studio, which houses a 24.4 speaker Genelec system. We generally program installations in the Perform Studio, and concerts of live and fixed media works in the Cube. We will prioritize works with the greatest potential for exploring the multichannel capabilities of the Cube and the Perform Studio.

In order to fully explore the musical potential of these systems, we encourage submissions across the broadest range of electronic musical styles and practices, including but not limited to: Ambient, Glitch, Hip Hop, Rock, Sonification, Techno, Computer Music, Metal, 8-Bit, Pop, Horspiel, Musique Concrète, Electronische Musik, Trance, Plunderphonics, Stochastic Music, Industrial, House, NIME, Internet Music, Turntablism, Appalachian Electronica, Noise, Soundscape, Shoegaze, Trip Hop, Deep Dream Audio, Diffusion, Nu Jazz, Upmixing, Microsound, Cut-Ups, Dubstep, Circuit Bending, Spectral Music, Cybersonics, Digital Storytelling, Biomusic, No-input Mixing, Black MIDI, Brain Music.

There is no submission fee, and presenters will receive free admission to all festival events. We regret that we are unable to pay travel and other expenses for presenters. We can only program works by artists who are able to attend the festival, so that they can supervise the spatial staging of their work.

Detailed specifications for both the Cube, and Perform may be found here.
Deadline for all submissions is January 1, 2017
Notification of selections by February 1, 2017

Confirmation of participation, March 1, 2017

For more information please contact Eric Lyon at elyon@vt.edu.


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