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I want a Tattoo

The ArtTrak newsletter recognizes that from time to time we can provide a public service for our subscribers. Recognizing that tribal tatoos have grown in fashion, we have reprinted this article so that present or future parents can be fashion forward. JB

Ways to Convince Your Parents to Let You Get a Tattoo

Body art has an odd appeal for most, but if you are under-age, it is important to ask your parents if it's ok to get a tattoo. Don't know how to convince your parents to let you get a tattoo? Keep reading, and you'll find out soon enough.
When it comes to body art such as tattoos, or even piercings, there are opinions galore regarding them. While it comes across as one of the most fascinating forms of art to a majority of the youth, parents, or the older generation in general, differ greatly in opinion. Convincing parents in a case like that can then be quite a task. Even so, it is equally essential to understand that the reasoning given by most parents is absolutely correct, and that there is nothing wrong in what they say.

Once you're inked, you have to realize that it is there to stay, thus giving you enough reason to make it as meaningful a tattoo as possible. There are innumerable meaningful tattoo ideas that one could turn to, but what it will take is a lot of time and patience to actually figure out what it is that you want. In fact, once you have that part all taken care of, the part regarding how to convince your parents to let you get a tattoo will also be a lot easier. Take a look at some of the methods you could try, in order to gain their approval.

Convincing Your Parents for a Tattoo

As mentioned above, convincing parents for certain things can turn into quite a herculean task, but with the help of a few simple tips, maybe it'll ease things a little. Take a look at how you could convince your parents to let you get a tattoo.

Have a Good Enough Reason for Wanting One
It all begins with having to explain why. Make sure you have a good enough reason to answer any question that parents might have to ask regarding why you want that tattoo so much. You also have to remember that answers like 'because it looks cool' or 'all my friends have one' do not qualify as valid reasons. If anything, it'll only take you one step closer to not getting it. Depending on the level of sternness that your parents normally exhibit, you will be able to judge how good or bad a reason some things will sound like. Make sure you base your logic and reason for that tattoo on something that will work well with their sensibilities.

Be Honest about the Cost Factor
You never know, but one of the reasons that your parents may not be in favor of you getting a tattoo could also be the cost factor. Let's face it, tattoos could get expensive if the pattern/ design that you've chosen to get inked with is large in size. Make sure you are completely honest and open about how much your tattoo may cost. You have to understand that what may seem reasonable or inexpensive to you, need not necessarily be so. Respect their decision if it is one regarding money, especially if you aren't yet self sufficient and would like them to pitch in with some cash.

Be Patient and Clear All of Their Doubts
If you are looking to convince your parents about letting you get a tattoo, you can be sure that there will be more questions thrown at you, than you had bargained for. Well, no pain, no gain. It's as simple as that. Your parents are worried, and that concern is natural, so you have to be patient when answering questions. Remember, getting snappy will get you nowhere. Being patient and clarifying any doubt that they may have is the only way you can get what you want. What you also have to understand is that most parents come from a different school of thought, so getting through to them may be tougher than you would like it to be. The key however, is, Patience!

If They aren't Convinced, Don't Argue
Convincing parents about some things has and will always be difficult. That said, it doesn't mean you disrespect them and go behind their back to get your tattoo. If you are extremely keen on getting one, have a mature conversation with them about it. Ask them what it is that they're worried about. If their concern is legit, but one that can be taken care of, work around it like a grownup. Let them know that most good tattoo places are very particular when it comes to hygiene, and that if they'd really like to have a look, you'd be willing to take them to see the place too. Being sensible about it may just get you what you want.

Paying heed to the above mentioned tips may work for you a lot better than you would've thought. Nevertheless, if for some reason the convincing attempts didn't quite work out like you would have liked them to, you could just wait, and get your tattoo when you are older and completely responsible for yourself. Who knows, you may just realize that what you wanted to get at 18 would've been a terrible idea in the long run.
Published: 8/23/2011

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