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Art Fairs - January 2012

What's Happening  - January 2012 - Art Fairs
Metro Show NYC
The Art Fair Company
January 18-22, 2012
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 W. 18th St.
New York, New York
Palm Beach Winter Antiques Show & Sale
Dolphin Promotions
January 19-22, 2012
Crowne Plaza
1601 Belvedere Road
West Palm Beach, Florida
58th annual Winter Antiques Show
Celebrating Historic Hudson Valley at 60: Rockefeller Patronage in Sleepy Hollow Country
January 20-29, 2012
Park Avenue Armory
Park Avenue & 67th Street
New York, New York
Antiques at the Armory
Stella Show Mgmt. Co.
January 20-22, 2012
69th Regiment Armory
68 Lexington Avenue
New York, New York
Outsider Art Fair 2012
20th anniversary of the worldʼs foremost international marketplace for self-taught art, Outsider Art, and Art Brut
January 27-29, 2012
Outsider Art Fair
7 West 34th St.
New York, New York
Event Information
Americana & Antiques @ The Pier
Stella Show Mgmt. Co.
January 21-22, 2012
Pier 92
711 12th Avenue @ 55th St.
New York, New York

Never was the force represented by an association of men and women around a common project such an appropriate answer, at a point where the evolution of our society sets problems which the isolated individual is loth to solve.
The motto of Belgium « l’Union fait la Force » was never so up- to-date for our profession. When a gale is rising, one has to reduce sails. We, we brail up the sail, unite our efforts and our skills, each one respecting the other, listening to all.
Let us not veil face, nothing will be as before. The old conceptions of the trade and the management of the art galleries have drastically changed, just like the habits, the tastes of the collectors, and the means of communication between human beings.Individually, each one of us is ruled by to law of the strongest, the other fairs and the auction houses. Unified, we restore balance between the different actors of the art market.
On the occasion of this second winter manifestation, initiated by the BRUNEAF-office, we are delighted with the collaboration with Ars Antiqua Brussels, created and managed by Jacques Billen who gathered more than 16 international traders coming from all over Europe and from North America.
Winter B Sablon-project is also very pleased with the recognition of BRAFA, of which I want to thank especially the President, Bernard De Leye.
Always anxious to open our manifestation to the diversity of the world of art represented for more than four decades by the Sablon, we are delighted with the presence of four new guests: contemporary art will be represented by Fine Art Studio and Roots Contemporary, while the furniture will be honoured thanks to the participation of Jérôme Sohier, Design specialist, and the unveiling of the new space of the Gallery Pierre Mahaux, just a step away from the Sablon.
Reinforce the Art trade in Brussels, and particularly in the Sablon, by all consensual means, is, we believe it strongly, the only answer to the major changes in our society. The perenniality of our profession is at this price.
It is therefore with great impatience that we prepare ourselves to receive you with the warmth and kindness characterizing our events. Henceforth we present you our best wishes for 2012 and a superb Christmas.
Pierre Loos Initiator of Winter B-projectPresident of BRUNEAF

Winter B sablon :
18-22 January 2012 / Opening: 18 January from 11 am till 20 pm
Brafa 11 :
21-29 January 2012
 Next Summer edition of BRUNEAF, BOAfair & BAAF :
6-10 June 2012

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