Monday, February 27, 2012

My Word - February 2012

With the loss of Bill Siegmann, Norm Hurst, and now Mort Lipkin it has been a tough beginning to 2012. Such events, however, do put a bit of perspective on why you get up every morning. This became even more poignant for me when my brother had a massive heart attack about a month ago and barely made it out alive with four stints and the prospect of  a long-term rehab process. I have been his guardian since Christmas Day 1977 and should immediately begin writing the book now as a form of therapy. At the risk of being considered certifiable, I will offer the observation that these are the good old days and we better enjoy them. I say that because someone always has a worse story and oh by the way I am not being shot at on a daily basis. For those of you wondering whether I live on the south side of Chicago that was a reference to  Afghanistan and Iraq. So I am going to continue to be irreverent and looking for the humor wherever I can find it in my daily life.

And by the way I used to only say this about Santa Fe, but now this point of time has become either the very worst or one of the very best opportunities to buy tribal art. Some collectors are buying some very good things at very low prices. Some others are paying prices in this auction market that are insane and it is my opinion economic forces will sort this out. JB

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