Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Word Winter 2013

This has been a crazy few months that will culminate in the Barbier Pre-Columbian sale in three days. For those that follow me on Twitter and Facebook you have heard some of the rumors from Paris associated with the sale. Among these are the Chupicuaro figure could go to 10,000,000 euros. Or one French dealer told me that the "owner had already been decided" on the Chupicuaro figure with rumors that Shaikh Al Thani of Qatar, mystery bidders from China, or maybe a telecom billionaire from Mexico might be that man. We also heard that there were no reserves below the top twenty pieces. A dealer suggested that many of the estimates were so aggressive that John Paul Barbier himself dictated these parameters. As to the French government stepping in and pulling any of the pieces most "experts" believe they won't, but for some the threat of this sort of publicity might be enough to dampen their bidding. Whatever happens - even if the sale is a monetary disaster - it will be the biggest event certainly in Pre-Columbian art in my career which began in 1974. Great works, nationalistic countries of origin, anxious collectors, intense sellers, and a prestigious auction house.... it doesn't get much better than that especially considering the fallout will impact us all for some time. This Newsletter is going Wednesday March 20th. Much more will happen in the next two days. We will tweet what we can say. JB

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